Frequently Asked Questions

One of the pillars of the Ghadijay community is trust. Thus, each member is invited to add a photo, write an organic and leave notices to help you get to know them better before you even travel with them.

Will my passenger be on time? Does this driver drive well? The advice left to community members can answer these questions even before you meet them.

From our side we take care of checking e-mails and phone numbers.

We do not use a telephone platform, because that would be a big challenge (and a bit of a hubbub!)


You will not find a phone number with which to call our team. But we answer all your messages 7 days out of 7 and as soon as possible.

  • écrivez-nous via le  contact form & nbsp; (you can add an attachment)

  • contact us on   Facebook

  • report a member from his profile


Of course, if it is necessary or in case of emergency, we will be able to call you at the number registered on your profile.

Your trip did not take place or did not happen as planned?
If you (or your carpooler) open a claim, we'll send you an e-mail telling you that you or your carpooler have & nbsp; 7 jours  to respond to this claim on Ghadijay.

The delay in paying your refund or payment varies depending on the response to the claim:

  • In general , a claim is processed automatically under & nbsp; 7 days maximum, sometimes less & nbsp; if both carpoolers are responsive and have the same version of the facts :)

  • You may not agree with your carpooler, for different reasons or because of a simple misunderstanding; the amount of the reservation is then blocked temporarily. Our team is investigating and contacting you if needed to find out more.

You have a claim in progress and you have not received our news yet?
You want to dispute the treatment of a claim?

Contact us & nbsp; and our team will respond quickly.