Privacy Policy

Conditions of use '' Ghadijay ''

As a Member, and provided that you meet the conditions below, you can create and publish Announcements on the group by providing information about the Trip you intend to make (dates / times and places of departure and arrival). , number of places offered, options offered, amount of the cost contribution, etc.).

When you publish your Ad, you can indicate milestones in which you agree to stop to pick up or drop off Passengers. The sections of the Route between these step cities or between one of these step cities and the point of departure or arrival of the Trip are "Sub-Trips".

You may only publish an Ad if you meet all of the following conditions:

(i) you hold a valid driver's license;
(ii) you only offer Advertisements for vehicles that you own or use with the express permission of the owner, and in any case that you are authorized to use for ridesharing purposes;
(iii) you are and remain the main driver of the vehicle advertised;
(iv) the vehicle has valid third-party insurance;
(v) you have no contraindications or medical incapacity to drive;
(vi) the vehicle you intend to use for the Trip is a 4-wheeled passenger car, with a maximum of 7 seats, excluding "no license" cars;
(vii) you do not intend to post another ad for the same Trip on the group;
(viii) you do not offer more seats than those available in your vehicle;
(ix) all seats offered have a seat belt, even if the vehicle is homologated in the presence of seats without a seat belt;
(x) you are using a vehicle that is in perfect working condition and complies with all applicable laws and regulations, including an up-to-date technical inspection.
You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the content of the Ad that you post on the group. Accordingly, you represent and warrant the accuracy and truthfulness of any information contained in your Ad and you agree to perform the Trip as described in your Ad.

Provided that your Ad complies with the TOS, it will be published on the group and visible to Members, performing a search on the group. Ghadijay reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without notice, not to publish or withdraw, at any time, any Ad that is not in conformity with the TOS or that it considers to be prejudicial to its image, that of the group or that services.

You acknowledge and agree that the criteria considered in the ranking and order of posting your Ad among other Ads are at the sole discretion of Ghadijay.

Ride right;)